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No More Lonely Nights And Struggling To Get Out Of Bed With A Kindly Companion

Let’s be honest. Not everyone has the advantage of close family members or special friends to rely on. Out of a population close to three hundred million, how many lonely folks will be out there? Quite a lot, it must be said. For these folks, approaching old age is a sad and lonesome journey. They do not have anyone to reach out to or phone during those critical nights and mornings.

But there has been a positive and caring response, with companion care Greenwich networks being a fine example. Old and frail folks no longer need to fear having to be sent to a home. They can stay at home and be cared for. Lonely old folks with no one to reach out to have companions out there to help them with their every need. 

Being able to stay on at home, no matter what the frail conditions, illness or disease, allows for dignity and independence to be restored. That is quite important. Independence is always enjoyed when full control of the home environment is intact. But when years fade and there are more autumn nights than spring blossoms, moods grow somber now that control is lost.

companion care Greenwich

But after a while, when a true companion is allowed to be part of the vulnerable life for a while, and the dignity is restored, disillusionment goes out of the window, forgotten in time. A true companion is not just someone who is going to be there to care and heal but also to sit with and enjoy a good conversation, more than likely with a cup of tea or coffee.

And yes, it is the companion who strolls off to the kitchen to prepare the warm drinks.